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Our Story

Music is our life and our life is Music 

Marc and Kiki Duo are a family affair. Along with Kiki and The Noughtie Boyz they bring fun, charisma, glamour and effervescent energy to every event. Combining talent and music, a creation of an unforgettable experience for you and your guests is brought into a reality. 

Marc and Kiki are renowned as one of the most in-demand and established acoustic duos of their kind, and are the acoustic choice for exclusivity and individuality on playlists.

Kiki and The Noughtie Boyz are a party band of choice for your individual and exclusive event. Vibrant performances and killer playlists never fail to get everyone on their feet. Always going the extra mile on stage to make your party totally epic. 

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With over 300 successful events under their belt since March 2021, Marc and Kiki are masters of their craft, with top rated reviews and rebooked by all venues. 

Combine this with a wealth of experience with only the best suppliers and talent in the industry and your dream event will become a reality.

Kiki and The Noughtie Boyz come as a 4 piece band and can come in 5, 6 or even more formats, tailored specifically to suit each venue size, crowd and budget perfectly.


Leave it all to us or we can work with you and our set-list to enable you to have a design to allow you to take control over your event and vision.

Contact us to find out more!

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