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Let's Get This Party Started

We can provide entertainment for all festivals or evening parties and take care of the background music for dinners or more formal functions.

​Our repertoire is huge and can be accompanied by genre specific playlists. We can even provide microphones and PA system for speeches or presentations.

Due to the huge amount of variables involved with booking corporate events it's best to contact us using the form below and we will get straight back to you to discuss your specific requirements. Face-to-Face/Video /Facetime meetings can be arranged also.

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Be it an office Christmas Party, Summer Party, Summer Ball, Client Entertainment, Launch Party or Conference you need the best Corporate Event Music Entertainment there is. Corporate Events are a symbol of what the company represents and has achieved, so you can't leave the entertainment to chance - Make your mark with Marc and Kiki Live Acoustic Duo or Kiki And The Noughtie Boyz.


Why settle for mediocre, OK, good, or even very good, when you can have the very best whilst providing incredible value. Starting with our compact live acoustic duo to our 4 piece band, we can add extra musicians to blow everybody away. Raise the level and treat your guests to a world class gig!

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Creating the perfect Corporate Event is easy with a choice between Marc and Kiki Live Acoustic Duo .or Kiki And The Noughtie Boyz. Our setlists and line-ups are bespoke and curated  to each event based on the theme, type of event you want and the demographic of the audience to ensure we always deliver 100% client satisfaction. Whether you need stunning background music for a dinner, something to break the ice, top quality entertainment, or an all out party vibe, we will deliver to your specific requirements. 

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